Black Male Proven Hunt to retrieve tournement dog

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Black Male Proven Hunt to retrieve tournement dog

  Brandon Frazer

  WI-United States



Sweet Rosie's Moose... What can I say besides buckle up and hold on. This dog has drive and lots of it... He loves to hunt and run tournaments 2 first place finishes in the UFTA qualifiers. Last month at a tournament a quail landed in a tree this dog actually climbed the tree laying against it to get at the quail in the tree, yes he was over 6 feet in the tree before I could get him out.
Pedigree includes: NFC AFC Deweys Drake of Moon Rivers, FC AFC Hilltop Hayseed, Flinkers Ho Lot A Rosie MH, FC Nan-Dool Elwood Blues.

Great in the house but serious when the gun comes out.

If your looking to breed some serious hunting lineage this is the Stud dog for you.