Grandson of Nolan's Last Bullet for stud

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Grandson of Nolan's Last Bullet for stud

  Robert Lloyd

  4932 Carlyn Dr.
          Pace, Florida - United States



I have a son of Beeline's Bullet Bravado, grandson of Nolan's Last Bullet that I am offerering for stud. He is 5 years old. Orange and white. Beautiful dog. I have owned him since he was 8 weeks old. He was purchased from Nolan Huffman. He is a powerful, all day bird hunter. I have hunted him exculsively on wild birds in N.W. Florida all his life. He is solid on his birds, backs but is not a natural retriever. He is the only dog I hunt at this time. I would like to breed him to a quality female for a pick of the litter. My desire is to get another pup from this dog to begin bringing along.