Import Solid Black GSP for Stud (PROVEN)

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Import Solid Black GSP for Stud (PROVEN)

  Paul Siegler

  2988 Klondike RD
          Long Eddy, New York - United States



Ivo has been a great find for us here at Catskill Pheasantry. Not only is he an Imported Solid Black GSP but he also has some of the best GSP’s in European history in his pedigree. He is an impressive male, tall, solidly built and his personality is incredible. Ivo is definitely an Old Style European GSP as they were first breed to be. He has progressed very well in the field and loves to hunt and retrieves naturally. Ivo is a very close (20-35 yards) working dog who remains very active in the field in any conditions.

Some of the many incredible dogs in his pedigree are:

Arthus KS Von der Rietberger Ems
Utz Weidmanns
Remo KS Vom Rothenuffein
Binko KS Von der Weiherwiese
Dolf KS Vom Wittekind

Ivo will be limited for breeding to our females, females of Solid Black & Liver, Heavy Patched & Ticked, and actual hunting dogs with or without titles or wins. We must see the female work or approve the pedigree to match his. This is being done as we (Catskill Pheasantry) are working to improve and keep the High Standards of breeding as is the case in Europe for this incredible breed.