3 yr old lab pointer

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3 yr old lab pointer

  ken tersten

  112 diamondbridge
          hawthorne, New Jersey - United States

  973 229-9255


hello, my name is ken and my wife is jill. we rescued a 3yr old lab that bit a kid in the next town over, we didn't want to see the animal destroyed so we took him home. we have 3 dogs and 2 cats and our small home is somewhat full. the lab we saved is a professionally trained bird hunter and is good with adults,however,i think the dog has been abused by kids and this accounts for his behavior around them. iam in somewhat of a jam because i cant keep another animal on board and i do not want to see him hurt or distroyed. we need a little help in finding him the right home.

i can be reached anytime by e mail or cell phone 973-229-9255 or photopro4u@aol.com