CH Sired AKC/OFA yel. lab stud for sale in MICHIGAN

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CH Sired AKC/OFA yel. lab stud for sale in MICHIGAN

  Tara Mitchell

  MI-United States


I have a 5 year old yellow male for sale. He is not a hunter, but a great breeder. He throws blacks and yellows no chocolates yet, it's in his background but far back. His father is from Wisconsins, Grey Oaks kennel his name is Ch Sabre the Moment the fathers side is show his mothers side is field consisting of many Candlewood FC dogs. Chase is a beautiful dog. I shouldn't get rid of him but I have to. He is an indoor outdoor dog. I have a huge 30 X 40 kennel that he stays in he is let out often to swim in the pond our yard is fenced so he can't run away. He loves to swim and catch frogs. In the winter if it's cold he in brought inside and stays in a crate, he is crate trained and does not bark. He is a well mannered dog. He loves the women and breeds in seconds. I would like him to be cared for in the same manner he is here, he gets to run free sometimes and is kept in a kennel not tied to a dog house and used only for breeding. I am located in Michigan near Port Huron