Son of NAC Jim DeBob's Sparks A Dan D

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Son of NAC Jim DeBob's Sparks A Dan D

  Andy Neria

  207 W Elm
          Savonburg, Kansas - United States



I want to breed a nice brit to a nice bred female to get a pup out of my dog. He is coming up on 10 years old and has never been bred. I don't know for sure but I would think that actual sons of Sparky are becoming few and far between. The dam to my dog is FC Husky's Trailblazin Tasha. My dog had several gundog and SD placements in his day. He's a GREAT birddog with a natural soft retrieve and a great back. I just want a pup out of my man before it's too late. When my dog was two years old he was one of the biggest going brittanys in the country. I live in Topeka Kansas. Thanks for looking if you are interested please let me know. Thanks again.