2 GSP's at Stud

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2 GSP's at Stud

  Country-Side Breeders

  W3211 Seward Heights
          Peshtigo, Wisconsin - United States




Country-Side Breeders currently has 2 studs available. Both are extremely calm tempered in the house yet aggressive in the field.

Hank has many NAVHDA titles in his pedigree including Shooting Starr, Stradivarius, and Hawkeye. Hank is a very quick learner and eager to show it. He retains information well and utilizes it in the field. Hank is a close-mid ranging dog, quarters and backs naturally as well as retrieves to hand with a very tender mouth. His points are very profound.

Browning has AKC based lines with Checkmate, Dixieland and Rawhide. He has a strong hunting desire in the field. He has a very nice point with his high 12 o’clock tail. Browning is a non-stop hard worker. He excels at tracking down running birds as well as retrieving to hand and holding very solid points.

For more info, contact us or check out the web site under "Studs".