Offered at Stud - 4XGMPR HRCH Clouds Bold Bear of Nereus MH

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Offered at Stud - 4XGMPR HRCH Clouds Bold Bear of Nereus MH

  Bob Zachman

  2512 McKeag Ct
          Fort Collins, Colorado - United States


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Are you looking for a stud dog that brings the following attributes;

1.) Great temperament (Mellow at Home, High Energy while hunting or training).

2.) Super Genetic Health (Clear on CNM, EIC, PRA, RD/OSD, Excellent Hips, Normal Elbows, Normal Heart)

3.) Strong Athletic Lean Build at 78 to 82 lbs depending upon the season.

4.) Super Upland Hunting Dog! (Bear is extensively hunted upland and waterfowl... over 100 pheasant hunts in last few years.. Many who have had the privilege of hunting with him say he is the best they have ever seen! As an example... on one ND hunt last year... we had a Brittany Spaniel, a German Shorthair, an English setter and Bear the pointing lab. In a 3 hour hunt, we bagged 17 birds... Bear was responsible for 15 of the 17!! He pinned and pointed 10 wild roosters and put up 5 runnners! It was just one of those days we will never forget!) Although Bear is an awesome retriever, he also brings the added benefit (if you like pointing anyway) of being a super strong pointing dog. He has been pointing birds since he was 8 weeks old. Most of his pups will show point before they go home with their new owners. That is pretty rare as 4 to 8 months is more typical for the point to show up. Of the 10 dogs that have been inducted into the APLA Hall of Fame so far, Bear has 8 occurrences of those 10 dogs on his pedigree!

5.) Strong Waterfowl Retriever (Loves to bring back the ducks and geese!)

6.) Super Train-ability (Bear has been 100% amateur trained and, even with that handicap, has risen to the highest master level title in the APLA, AKC and UKC/HRC. He is one of just 16 dogs to ever achieve all three of those master titles; 4XGMPR & HRCH & MH. Also, he just qualified for the 2014 Master National with 7 MH passes in the last 13 months.

7.) Giant Heart (Bear never quits and always shows that he is connected with his handler and really wants to do the right thing... his desire to please is as good as we have seen in any dog!!)

8.) Good Looks (Bear has a large head and muzzle and a strong athletic body... he often stops people in their tracks and we hear comments like 'Wow, what a great looking boy!"

9.) Proven Producer (Bear has litters all over the country. Around 250 pups in the last 2 years. The feedback has been very consistent and it is quite clear that Bear does throw himself into his pups in a big way.

10.) Family Member (Perhaps most important of all, Bear is the consummate people-dog and is just a great and cherished member of the family!)

We live in Colorado but can ship fresh chilled anywhere in the country. We do also have frozen breedings available, but we do not plan to use those as long as Bear is still producing well. Two weeks ago, he produced 1.2 billion swimmers at 95% motility. Our board certified repro specialist is always amazed at the quality of the samples that Bear provides! We attribute that to his great genetics, and great diet and exercise.

If you would like to discuss Bear as a possible stud dog, please contact me, Bob, on 970-215-6031.

You can also see several videos of Bear and his pups on youtube. Just search on Pointing Lab - Bold Bear.