solid liver male g.s.p. 14 month old

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solid liver male g.s.p. 14 month old

  ron merritt

  228 ranger drive
          elizabethton, Tennessee - United States



This is a pup from my female that i bred last year.both parents are working gundogs,close hunters and eager to please.The pup has no papers and cant be reg.The male i bred to was never regestered.This pup was brought back to me because the man's little boy didnt want it anymore because it grew up.It has little yard training and little hunting experience.I have had it for a week and it is already pointing quail.It has alot of desire and loves birds.It scent trailed a grouse for a long way befor busting it up.It has a real good nose and will let you know if there is a bird close, it just needs to be yard trained to get it to hold point, it should not take long to get this pup where it needs to's a good natured dog and is good around kids.