5 year old VGP level female drahthaar

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5 year old VGP level female drahthaar

  Heather Prunty

  PO Box 333
          Lidgerwood , North Dakota - United States



Custer is a high-drive, athletic, intelligent dog with an abundance of heart. When conditions are bad and other dogs are shutting down, Custer is out working to find game. She was an exceptional pointing dog from a young age and tracks effortlessly. She does great in the water and is quiet in the blind. She has hunted pheasants, blue, ruffed, sage and sharp-tailed grouse, quail, huns and chukars, ducks and geese, raccoons, foxes and coyotes, and has aided in wounded game recovery. Custer is high strung and can be a handful. Her coat is short, dense, and hard. Custer produced my H, I, and J litters.
DOB: 13.02.2017
Color: Schwsch
ZB: 233719
ZR: 175/17
DGStB: 74979
Height/Length: 60/61
Form/Hair: 10/11
VJP - 65
HZP - 173o.Sp
VGP - II./293TF
?4H Use of Nose
HD - A
OCD frei
ED frei
vWD Frei - DNA

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