2 year old trainable dachshund - avid scent tracking and retrieving

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2 year old trainable dachshund - avid scent tracking and retrieving

  Elsa Mcdonnell

  AL-United States



Beanie is a longhaired dachshund out of Romania. My guess is she was bred out of a hunting litter. Her best trait is her ability to smell any type of animal nearby and avidly follows scent until found. She then fetches and retrieves. Birds, squirrels,larger animals even turtles, her ability to sniff them out is remarkable. She can do this for long periods of time. Her energy is boundless and she focuses loving attention on people she accepts and trusts. She also points to indicate what she expects you to do??
I bought her as a pet but realize in the interest of the dog, she would be better off hunting with somebody that needs a scent dog. Because she retrieves anything thrown, aports and brings to foot, she should be easily trainable. She is obedient and in focus with me even outside, it should not take long to train her.
Some dogs are just born to be hunters. I can see her happily going out to perform hunts. I feel she is not being used to her full ability hence the difficult decision to part with her.