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Ready to hunt over now male available

  Bennett Sheltra

  FL-United States



I have a young black male lab available. He is 1.5 years old. But he loves to work. His first hunt was at 5 months old where he picked up 23 dove. And he hasn't stopped since. All before he was a year old, he has picked up well over 500 birds. I have used him on dove, waterfowl, snipe and at an outfitter for pheasant tower shoots (where he would pick up 60-80 birds by noon). He is trained up to a senior level. Obedience, collar conditioned, force fetched, Casts and running blinds. Marks doubles and simple triples. I planned on going for his senior title this year. He is SUPER steady to gun shots and while sending other dogs. He is super nice to hunt behind and dead quiet in the blind. Wont whine or bark. You can place him in his invisilab momarsh away from you 20 ft and still he wont break unless you tell him to. And after he brings you the bird, tell him "place" and hell wait there for the next bird. He loves a cripple, and has no problem going after one or diving after one.

Hes already been out several times for duck and dove this year.

Heres his downfalls... When i first purchased this guy, i only wanted a bird hunting dog. I didnt get into hunt tests untl after i had him. He has NOTHING special in his pedigree. He is also from unhealth tested dogs. I planned on running the whole panel and his OFAs when he turns 2 years of age. If you are interested, and wanteverything ran, i will do it. 

He will run hunt tests, but his true love is hunting. He has 1 pass in junior level. But due to florida having only 2 tests per year, and i had a baby during the middle of hunt test season and didnt get to go back. But this year were planning on skipping his junior title and going straight to his senior title as he is running senior level. I was planning on runnimg him this month and hoping to have his sh title by january.

You can take him waterfowl hunting in the morning, & dove hunting in the afternoon and he will be just as pumped up for both.

Ontop of that, he also is used for blood tracking wounded game where right now he is 16 for 18 on sucess. The longest track hes been sucessfull on was 4 hours old. And bayed 2 wounded deer long enough for the hunter to finish it.

He has a super nice water entry also. I even conpete him in dock diving events where he has a senior title and jumpes towards his master at 22'.

He is a great marker. And loves to please. He loves to work. But is more on the laid back side. He isnt a high energy, wear you out kind of dog. His best friend is my under a year old son. He never once has tried to jump up on him or rough house with him. And lets my son get all over him. He is fuly house broke and also crate trained or can stay in an outside kennel.

The only reason i am selling him is because i got him as my first lab and only wanted a dog to pick up my birds. But now that i want to run in feild trials i have purchased 2 well bred female pups and want to focus all of my time with them to compete and hunt them. And i dont hunt enough to have 3 dogs to hunt.

I was planning on selling after hunting season so i could finish his sh title and use him to hunt over. But i figured it might be harder to sell a hunting dog onve hunting season is closed.

Please email or text for pictures.