Female, 2 Males: 7month old started Black Labs for Sale

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Female, 2 Males: 7month old started Black Labs for Sale

  Amie Henninger

  889 Ankeny Hill Road
          Jefferson, Oregon - United States




FC AFC Valtor’s Hayseed “Kid” SR40163119 X Carried Through Upon The Wings of an Angel “Vaughn” QAA SR87224104 Whelp 11/13/18 Kid has a history of producing great offspring. Qualified for multiple Nationals, 2018 National Open went 8 series at 11 year old! Hips Ex: LR-180487E27M- P1 Elbows N: LR-EL42743M27-P1 CNM-Clear EIC-Carrier Vaughn is QAA and displays great marking and train ability with loads of drive. Hips Ex: LR-227665E27F-VP1 Elbows N: LR-EL7895F27-VP1 CNM-Clear EIC-Clear. Vaughn mom is Upon the Wings of an Answered Prayer “Ammo” SR46123901 “Choc” Highest all age points in one season at 96pts. All Time High Point Derby Dog with 144 Derby Points Total all-age points 145 CLC-44 One Black female, Two Black Males. All are FF, Collar Condition, Finishing up on land T. 3,500.00