Tick Hounds TRAINED HUNTING DOGS for sale

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Tick Hounds TRAINED HUNTING DOGS for sale

  Cheston Trammel

  AZ-United States




1 fully trained female purebred Blue Tick Hound, 4 years old, not fixed so you can breed, has had 2 litters already.
The female has caught/killed 3 lions and 5 bears, oh my! Super sweet dog and a great hunting companion. Good for dry-ground hunting and snow.

2 male semi-trained purebred brothers, 1 is a Blue Tick Hound and the other is a Red Tick Hound 2.5 years old from the same litter, not fixed so you can breed.
The males have been on 3 lions for catch/kill.

All of the dogs are very sweet and have lived on a ranch with small children. They are up to date on all of their shots and have never had any health issues. They love to hunt and I don't have time to take them hunting often enough anymore so I want to give them a good home where they can run around and do what they were born and trained to do!

The female is worth $3000 alone but would like to sell them all together to a good home. They are great for trailing/tracking.

Pictures of the dogs are posted. China is the female she has the orange collar. The other two are the brothers. We have more gory hunting pictures that we can send as proof of their kills if interested.