Started 9-Month-Old Boykin Spaniel for Sale

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Started 9-Month-Old Boykin Spaniel for Sale

  Ashley Agh

  NC-United States



Adorable 9-month-old Boykin Spaniel for sale in Charlotte, NC. Boykin Spaniel Society Registered with Certificates and Bloodline information. Weighs 31 pounds. Great family dog and/or hunting companion.

Fully house broken and attended 18 day $3,000 Basic Obedience Dog Training Program in April 2017 in Charlotte, NC. Learned 5 commands (sit, stay, down, place and come) and leash walking skills. He’s full of energy and “wiggly” as his Trainer described him, so sometimes it still takes a few tries to nail each command, especially if in a new setting – but he always gets there and practice will make perfect. He is just out of training, after all! He’ll need continued reinforcement and structure to truly master each one, but absolutely has the knowledge today. He has been shot over, e-collar trained, in water, and light retrieving but has not received any additional hunting training yet.

He is well socialized with dogs (big & small) and birds and has an extremely playful and non-aggressive demeanor. He loves being right at your side, and adores snuggles and sitting in your lap if you’ll let him. He currently lives inside our home and has never once had an accident inside the house.

He eats a high protein diet of Blue Buffalo Wilderness Chicken dog food (100% Grain Free). He was vaccinated in March 2017 with Bordetella, Canine Rabies, Distemper/Parvo, and Ultra Duramune DAP4L Vaccine. Tested negative for Fecal centrifugation for Parasites – meaning no problems with ticks, fleas or parasites. He’s currently taking Interceptor (heartworm prevention medication) and Nexguard (flea and tick prevention medication). We will provide 1 years worth of each of these preventative medications at no extra cost– total cost to purchase medicine was $400 (will include receipt from Vet if you'd like).

We purchased him from a reputable breeder of hunting dogs in Georgia. As soon as we got this sweet pup, we took him to the Vet and he shared two health notes we’d like to pass along:

1. He has not yet been neutered and has a retained testicle. The Vet us know this would NOT cause any issues in his life, but just makes the neutering procedure a bit more tricky from their end as he’ll have to search harder to find what they are looking for.

2. In the vet’s words “His front legs are somewhat chondroystrophic. This is a genetic issue that shouldn’t affect him long-term, other than making him a tad slower than the average hunting dog.” We’re new to the dog world, so he explained in layman’s terms that his front legs just tilt out a bit more than on some other dogs, but was super confident this wouldn’t cause him any issues in life. He is so speedy we often can’t keep up, and he has never shown any signs of pain or discomfort. When we asked the Vet about hunting abilities, he said he felt confident that he would do just fine – but may not be the number 1 award winner in terms of speed.

We’re happy to include the Vets notes & provide all paperwork we’ve received. Will also include 1+ months worth of food, all training tools from his time at the Dog Training Facility, and a few of his favorite treats, bed and crate.

We are a couple in our late 20s who just moved to North Carolina for new jobs – and we didn’t anticipate the work load we’d be taking on and the amount of time away we’d need to invest in work. It breaks our heart to part ways with our sweet boy, but our hectic travel schedule for work and pleasure (with no family/friends yet in the state to help) make it too difficult to give him the love he ought to have. We want him to find a happy new home, so we can rest easy knowing this pup is getting the time and attention he deserves.