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Wanted VDD

  Neil Buck

  9 Mayfair Circle
          Augusta, Maine - United States




My name is Neil Buck, Im a 46 six year old disabled vet and my hunting partner is my five year old grandson. We currently have a 12 year old black lab thats more of a house pet than he ever was a hunting dog. Now he has a bad back, breathing problems and is just tired. He comes from great lines, but has never had much training. My trainer for the pointing lab I had gave him to me because he was having a hard time getting the papers on him and he didn't like the couple people who wanted him. Two weeks later I had the papers. The trainer never did train my yellow girl to point, said he didn't like her nose. When it came to duck hunting she was lost, after a shot she didn't know were to look because she hadn't flushed it. I was working on that before I went to Iraq. Before I left I gave her to an old farmer that didn't hunt. Tried to buy her from him 3 different times, last time was for 5000 and he wouldn't part with the good old girl. Cole my black lab when he was about 4 or 5 was going nuts one morning when I was loading the truck to go duck hunting so I took him with me, it was only going to be me so he couldn't ruin much. The first duck I swung on and fired that dog went over the top of the 4 foot blind and hit the water 6 feet down and came back with a decoy. (I didn't hit the duck). That same day he saved me from drowning. I tend to run into trouble quit a bit when im hunt by my self, so now my wife will not let go out with out at least my grandson and my black lab cole, who cant last more than an hour or so. The one time this spring I went turkey hunting without my grandson, I went down and had to crawl a 100 yard through the woods to a field, which I came out between bee hives and started to get swarmed and stung until I crawled 20 yards past them and could finally see the tops of dump trucks. Finally flagged one down and they called 911. The had to bring a truck in and pull me away from the bees. That's just 2 of the foolish stories of hunting by my self.

I got my grandson into goose hunting last year when he was 4, and he got one, I shouldered the butt, but he did the rest. This year they put a no age limit for a license, so he got his first hunting license and shot his first turkey laying in the prone by himself. He was using a single shot 20ga and all it did was spin the turkey around and he run of, but he did it. The boy is nuts for hunting now. I cant take him in a boat because of how many times iv ended up in the water, hurt or broke down and the old dog cant handle very much now.

We would like to get a DD for the two of us. Most importantly is, has to be good with children and ok with a very friendly old lab. We would like a female and be able to hunt waterfowl from a ground blind and point grouse. We would also like to try rabbit, fox and coon hunt plus track big game blood trail. Age doesn't leally make difference, the older the better, then maybe a broke down Army vet and a five year old can keep up with her. This dog will sleep inside every night, unless we are sleeping in a duck blind. Outside during the day as long as she wants. Hoping to find one somewhere between started and finished and has gone through her test, not for breeding, just for the title. We cant afford the price of finished dog now because my daughter is headed off for her freshmen year at Liberty University. Maybe an older retire one that's ready for a slower, easer life that will be loved. If this is anything you could help us with or you know someone who could that would be great.

If not, could you give me an idea for a price for a well started dog from you that has gone through her test. I had talked with one trainer and it was 900 a month, another 100 and that's my daughters collage payment. I cant afford those kinds of payments

Thank you for any help

Neil M Buck


Augusta, Maine