Finished Retriever

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Finished Retriever

  Lee Fulton

  2202 Redwood Drive
          Monroe, Louisiana - United States



Beaudashus vom DeWolf, is a VDD Deutch Drahthaar that was whelped on April 14, 2015. Beau is a very friendly, cooperative dog that loves to hunt and retrieve. In thick cover, he works close, and ranges out in more open country. He weighs around 75 pounds, has an excellent nose, a flat lying, hard/harsh outer coat and thick undercoat on most of his body. The hair on his head and lower legs is not as hard. He comes, sits, whoas, heels, takes hand directions, and also knows down, kennel, leave it,, and no. He's pretty much a finished dog but he doesn't point, which is why he's for sale. The primary upland bird I hunt is woodcock, and I need a dog that will point them.

He would make a great waterfowl or pheasant hunter and could possibly be a good wounded deer tracker. His mother takes on feral hogs, but he hasn't encountered any yet. He's primarily been used for waterfowl hunting this past season and he does well in a flat bottomed boat, canoe or sitting on a log. In just one season, he's been able to differentiate waterfowl from other birds, and often sees ducks before I do. I keep my head on a swivel when duck hunting, and frequently scan 360 degrees and then look at Beau. If he's focused on something, more often than not he's looking at ducks I haven't detected. Whoever gets him won't be disappointed. I will not sell him to a non-hunter or someone who will not be able to exercise him regularly. The asking price is $1,500.

He lives in an outside kennel, but would probably make a good inside dog as well. He really wants to be close and lies next to me when I'm doing yard work; think he'd rather be in my lap if permitted to do so. He is exercised at least twice daily. Our runs consists of me riding a bicycle about 1 1/4 miles while Beau runs alongside off leash. I'll be glad to answer any questions you may have and send pictures. If you call and no one answers, please leave a message with your name, number, and a good time for me to return your call. I've had versatile hunting dogs since 1969, and trained all of them myself.