Redbone Coonhounds

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Redbone Coonhounds

  Carey Wright

  FL-United States


I have 2 female Redbone Coonhound dogs for sale both are 3.5 years old both are full blooded , one has papers,one does not. Both dogs are trained to track raccoons. Both dogs have had puppies at age 2. I would like to see both of them sold together because they grew up together and they hunt together. Both dogs together are for sale for $500.00 ,although I am willing to make a very good offer if I can breed my registered male ( Timber Chopper ) Redbone to both females one time, for a trade out of one puppy from each litter, along with an agreed amount of cash. ( if you live near me and everything goes well I would be willing to do this every 6 months, its up to you. My male Redbone is 8 months old right now. Both females should go into heat in approximately 4 months from now. I'm also open to any other suggestions that are reasonable but my male dog is not for sale. Only serious inquiries please ...thank you me with any questions and I can also send pictures of all 3 dogs ...I check my email several times a day, I will get back with you.