Wire Haired Pointing Griffon - 1 Year Old

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Wire Haired Pointing Griffon - 1 Year Old

  Michael Barnes

  14210 CR 3505
          Ada, Oklahoma - United States




We have a 1 year old, female, full blood, Wire Haired Pointing Griffon puppy/dog, that was bred to hunt. Her name is IZZY. She was born on 2/22/14. We bought her for $900 from Todd Brown in Fayetteville, Arkansas at Mistie Akers Farm. She is not registered but her parents are, I have copies of her papers. I have an appointment to have her spayed on 4/2/15. We keep her inside as a family pet so she is house broken. She is a very sweet dog and needs to be with a family who has time to train/hunt with her and spend time outside with her. She is very loving and wants to be by one of us and petted all the time. She seems to be a "1 family" dog as it takes her awhile to warm up to other people. She seems to have bird skills...when I letter outside she crouches down and tries to sneak up on the birds in the yard. This was bred into her, nothing I have taught her to do. She has lots of energy and needs a family that can spend time taking her out to run or has a fenced yard for her to stay. She's been loved on since 8 weeks old and bathed every week.

Reason we got her:
I previously owned a chocolate lab that I duck hunted with. The lab shed a lot and my wife has allergies. So we started looking at wire haired pointers because they are said to shed a lot less than most dogs. (They are on the allergen free dog list), and I knew this breed had good hunting skills. she

Reason for selling her:
We have 2 kids under six and so many activities that we do not have enough time to take her out to run and spend time training her. I see her potential and think she would be much happier with a family that spends more time outside with her. She stays in a cage in the house while we are at work and she really needs a yard to run in.

We are asking $500 for her; simple to make up some of the money we've spent. Please don't let the price scare you if you are interested in this breed at all. My main goal is to find the right family for her and hopefully someone that could hunt with her. I've never sold a dog before, but know that she still has time to be trained and would be happier with wide open spaces.

Call or text me at 580-320-2449 and i will send pics. You can also email me at michaelbarnes@machillconstruction.com.