5 year old Yellow Female Waterfowl Dog AKC Reg

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5 year old Yellow Female Waterfowl Dog AKC Reg

  Amanda McGinnis

  GA-United States



I have a 5 year old yellow female I am offering for sale. I have thought about this for a long time and she needs to be someone's MAIN dog! She has been my main dog for two years and next season my pup will be fully trained. She is quite in the blind, great with other dogs, great with kids, and will hunt until she finds the bird. She does NOT like coming back with out a bird. You do not have to hunt her with a shock collar. Listens great. House trained. Rides in the back of my truck with out a crate. APPROVED homes only. This dog is my BABY! I take her everywhere with me and never have to put her on a leash! After getting a puppy I just dont show her attention like I use to and my puppy will be coming back from the trainers soon.