Brittany - Grand Daughter to Nolans Last Bullet

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Brittany - Grand Daughter to Nolans Last Bullet

  Jason D

  IA-United States


Guys this is a bird dog! This is the hardest hunting Brittany I've been around and will hunt to YOU drop. Saber is a lock up in her tracks dog and posses a nose that does not miss a bird. This dog hunts just as hard solo or with another dog. You will not have to walk to retreive another bird again. This would be a great dog for guided hunts, recreation, to work with pups, or trials. Have tons of pics with her in the field I will send upon request as well as her full pedigree. The honest reason for selling this dog is I am not doing her justice and she deserves to be hunted day in and day out. Some of her pedigree: Bullet's Wabash Doc, Rusty Bullet, Nolans Last Bullet (Both Sides), Pond Fort Bubbles