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  Kenneth Schweiger

  MI-United States



I have GSP female, four years old who is ready to hunt! She is still intact, but does not have papers because she has an overbite. I have her pedigree, but she is unregistered. She has been PROFESSIONALLY TRAINED by two different trainers. She is a very good hunting and searching dog. She also retrieves if she sees the bird go down. She does an excellent job hunting in cattails, and everyone knows how tough that is on a bird dog. She will hunt from the start of the day to dusk. She has a terrific endurance level. She minds very good and handles very well too. For a GSP, she is a close hunting dog. She does not go to far from your side while hunting. Her latest fault, she doesn't give up the bird very well when retrieved! She is a smaller frame dog, who weighs a little under 60 lbs, but she is very strong. She has an excellent temperment, who gets along terrific with other dogs. She is excellent with people but does have alot of energy and this little powerhouse may knock down small kids. She loves everybody and everything. She is an outdoor dog and is quiet in the kennel. Have no issues with her outside. Not a barker!
She has been to South Dakota for the last three years. Her first year, she worked a windbreak in S.D., produced 8 roosters on point, I the shooter missed five birds, shot three and she retrieved all three of them. I hit my limit in 20 minutes. It was a great day for her and me. I am selling her because I will no longer be hunting in S. D. The pheasant population has decreased by over 75% on our hunting farms. Easter Sunday 2013 had a three foot snowfall, so with that said, I will no longer be going to South Dakota to hunt. I cannot see her spending her days in a kennel. She's too good to be sitting around and not hunting. She loves to hunt and will hunt with anyone!
One of the trainers that knows this dog, has stated she is a $1200.00 dog because she is unregistered. If registered she would be worth well over that amount. Please feel free to call or email me for further information.