AKC Female Started Rabbit Dog- IFC GREEWELL'S Reggie breed

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AKC Female Started Rabbit Dog- IFC GREEWELL'S Reggie breed

  Michael Shepherd

  KY-United States

  502 419 1740



Shepherd's Troubles DOB 2/10/13. update on vaccinations, monthly heart worm preventative. routine de-worming. monthly flea-tick preventative. Trouble is a nice started female pup. She is Tri-Color with some ticks on her legs. She is 13-13.5 inches. She is started. Fresh out of the starting pen. She has desire to burn. She is not stop on a rabbit and doesn't quite. She is going to make a awesome rabbit dog. I just need kennel space with 2 litters coming and need to sell a couple more dogs. I purchased trouble a couple months ago off a friend of mine. She is quiet in the kennel. She uses good mouth on the line. Doesn't give any extra mouth on the line. When on the line she starts with a squel to squawl bark. Its a puppy bark still. She has a ton of hunt and search. Very friendly pup. Not hard to catch. When you call her she come in and lay on her back.

I'm going to make a trip this weekend Saturday up into Ohio. We are leaving Kentucky at 4am and heading up I71 stopping at mt. gilead/fredricksburg exit 151
/OH95 to drop off another beagle of mine and pick a started lab up from a trainer. Then we are heading up OH13 into Sandusky,OH to drop off a couple beagles to a friend in Sandusky then over to Bowling Green, OH to drop off a beagle at 3pm then will head south back to Kentucky along I75. If along this route and able to meet me when I'm coming through and interested in a Reggie pup then give me a call. I will need the money in hand before t he pup is loaded. You can wire the money through Wal-mart. If you have never done it its pretty simple. I can walk you through it.----------

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