German Shorthair Dog of a lifetime

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German Shorthair Dog of a lifetime

  Bradley Bedwell

  AL-United States



am looking to sale my pointer that will be three years old in August. He is one pretty boy and his name is Jock that fits his stature well as he busts through the briers and glides across open fields. He points and will not move an inch until you shoot or tap him on the head then he will re position his self closer. If your shooters miss he will point again, but if they kill the bird he will bring it right to your hand and goes hunting again. He can stay out there for three hours and never even pant. He is a straight up walking dog that takes no effort to hunt quail over. Classy is the word when he gets the initial smell and drop down a hair and crawl to five feet of the target and will wait till you get back from the store before he busts them. I also have him where he will run with a truck, and you can direct him like thread through a needle. Nice dog. Serious good homes call 3344058563