Started Chesapeake Bay Retriever Male, Yukon

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Started Chesapeake Bay Retriever Male, Yukon

  Alex & Stacy DeWolf

  15 Rocky Top Road
          Roundup, Montana - United States



Yukon is a 6 year old Male Chesapeake Bay Retriever Light Deadgrass. Yukon has been raised here at ASD Kennels since he was 6 weeks old and has an absolutely wonderful temperament. He is a vigorous and eager hunter though he has not been through formal or professional training. We have trained him to get the birds we shoot so he fits well into the classification of a companion hunter. He is house trained and has grown up around our children who are 2 and 4 yrs old. He is the definition of gentle and we often refer to him as kind of a mush pot. His prey drive is like a switch and he knows when it's 'go time'. We are looking for him to go to a home where he will have more opportunity to get out after what he loves best, birds. We have had him standing at stud and he has produced many outstanding pups. We have added another to our stud roster so we want to find a loving home for this trained and mature Chessie who is a shining example of what the breed standard should be. He is OFA Hip Ceritfied Good. $2,000 with Full AKC registration. For more info please contact us so that we can help determine if you are the right fit for our Yukon.