2 y/o CLM SD guide dog> sold pending payment

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2 y/o CLM SD guide dog> sold pending payment

  Brandon Ford

  SD-United States



Harley is a 2 year old chocolate male. He has had 4 mos. of pro trainning(ob,ff,cc,simple blinds and whistle commands) and 2 years of hunting experience at a very busy upscale hunting lodge in South Dakota, plus hunting with me on my off days where we hunted doves ducks and geese.

He has 14 AFC orFC in his pedigree. He has a great nose, and is a pinpoint marker. He is very easy to run in the field checks in often and works very hard. He is athletic and will hunt all day,and is very fast, he weighs about 60 lbs. He has had probably about 1200-1500 retrieves in his short life thus far. He is a turn key hunting dog that loves to work and train. He is very clean and quiet in the kennel and crate. He has a very big on off switch. Will hunt all day and lay next to your favorite recliner when done hunting.

He is great with kids (my 5 year old feeds and walks him), Anyone can run this dog my 12 year old son helps guide sometimes and runs this dog with no problems. If you are interested and would like some pics feel free to contact me.