Finished Female Pointer *SOLD*

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Finished Female Pointer *SOLD*

  Douglas Jones

  KS-United States



*SOLD* This 5 year old finished female pointer has an intense point, backs, retrieves to hand, and is steady to wing. Hunted and pointed wild quail, pheasants, Hungarian partridge, and sharptail grouse in North and South Dakota, Kansas, and Georgia and used by me as a guide dog in Georgia since 2008 when she was only 6 months old. Lucy is the real deal - a dog that can find wild birds all day long, knows how to reposition and work running pheasants and will stick a quail point indefinitely. Very careful on point, and will not flush birds even if visible. Only selling due to a new job and recent move to a neighborhood setting, and I just cannot keep her. She is quiet in the kennel and travels well – she is used to road trips. This dog hunts hard at a good range, stays close in the thick stuff and will range appropriately in open country. Completely collar conditioned and responds well to voice and whistle. Should be a joy for any bird dog man, whether you hunt preserves or wild birds or both. Easy to handle, and will find lots of birds for you. She is in her prime and needs to be hunted, and despite my wishes to the contrary I need to sell her quickly. She is in west Kansas hunting with a friend this week, and will be back in Georgia the week of Thanksgiving. This is a high caliber hunting dog at a good price, take advantage and be ready for bird season. She is reportedly out of an Elhew line, no papers but she can't read anyway. Dog resides in middle Georgia, pick up only (possible delivery between Atlanta and Kansas City). Call Doug Jones at 678-362-0851, after 5 pm Eastern. $1,400.00 – more photos available on request, serious inquiries only please.