10 Month Old German Shorthaired Pointer

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10 Month Old German Shorthaired Pointer

  Julie Ann Carey

  TX-United States



I currently own a German Pointer whom I love with all my heart, but it is because of this that I am having to let him find a perfect new home. My boyfriend and I are in college and work full-time so we are unable to provide him with the care he deserves. His coloring is black roan and he knows many basic commands and is a very quick learner. Also he was gun trained before we bought him as a young puppy. He is a great companion but has a lot of energy that we can not provide an outlet for. My hope is that hunting training and a large area t oplay in would make him happy. He is house-trained and we have doorbell that he rings when he needs to go outside. He has been socialized well and is not aggressive towards other dogs. However, he tries to play rough with small dogs because he doesn't seem to have much self awareness. He doesn't mind cats, he likes to sniff them out and bug them though. The perfect family for him would be one with land or a big yard, other large dogs that would enjoy his playful companionship, one with people who are willing to give him lots of time and love, and someone who could train him to be a hunting dog. I know this breed is much happier when they know how to channel their hunting instincts. The price is negotiable, if you are interested I would love to hear from you and we can meet to see if he could be a good match. You can also email me for pictures and any questions at all, I even have a few videos.