16 week old BLF

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16 week old BLF

  Darren Danielson

  7456 E US Hwy 80
          Hawkins, Texas - United States



(TX) 16 week old BLF
I have a black lab female I am trying to sell. I bought three remaining pups and only keeping one of them. I sold one this weekend and still have one available. She is 16 weeks old and ready to go to a home to start training.

I have had them for a week and they love to swim. They swim through decoys. Nice marking dogs and stay in the area on cover. They are retrieving birds after a week or work and doing good.

Pups are EIC CNM clear. The sire is trained to a seasoned level right now and should be running some hunt test in the spring.
Priced at $500. Email me for some pictures and any more information. ddanielson75@aol.com