11 month Weimaraner

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11 month Weimaraner

  Danielle Mitchell

  OH-United States




Baby Bleu Denver is his registered name and he goes by Denver. He's an uncut, 11 month old weimaraner. He's cute, great to train, sticks around when out and about walking places and in parks. He has a white marking on his chest and BEAUTIFUL eyes. He bathes well and leash training/healing is going well. He knows 'sit', 'stay', 'lay down', knows his left from his right, and how to play dead. He loves playing hide and go seek and running through tall grass. He is a puppy so he likes to chew, but a simple 'no' gets the idea across. Denver is very energetic, so if you don't know much about weimaraners, please do your research before you consider. They are very high energy dogs and require physical AND mental exercise. He loves going everywhere with you and is really good with traveling in the car. We have taken him on several very long road trips. He is up-to-date on all his shots and worming.
My husband is very busy with work and we are having a baby. Due to these circumstances we no longer have the proper attention and time to give Denver, especially at such a young age when training is so important. We are very disappointed to have to find another home for him.
We are charging a decent price to ensure he goes to a good home who has done research on weimaraners and is certain that this is the right dog for you. They are great with kids (as long as they are trained not to jump on people). We will also give you what is left of his food and his crate - we bought the crate brand new when we got him as a puppy. He also has a bone, a few toys and a collar and leash that will come with him. We are asking $500 for him. We have put a ton of effort into training and house breaking and he comes with his crate, toys and the rest of his food.