Attn ALL Dogs, we want YOU

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Attn ALL Dogs, we want YOU

  L.E. Papet

  P.O. Box 448
          Kings Mills, Ohio - United States



Are you a super high hunt, prey and retrieve drive dog with a past? Do you not meet the standard imposed by others? Are you just flat out ugly but willing to work your butt off? Will you retrieve all day long just to go back for more? Will you search for hours for a ball only to have it thrown again? Are you stuck in a rut looking for birds and ready for something different? Are you hanging around a kennel with people that can't keep up with you? Are you seriously looking for a career change? Do you love attention and desire to be the best? If this sounds like you, there may be a fabulously fulfilling future awaiting you.

We are currently looking for volunteers for our explosives / drug Detection K9 Team! If selected as part of our team, YOU will receive extensive dog friendly training using only positive reward interaction with humans. Here is what we are looking for:

Confident, Healthy, Clean, high alpha Female
Off the hook extreme hunt, prey and retrieve drives
Pet friendly appearance and battle scars are acceptable
Ear tattoos may be acceptable but no tongue / eyebrow piercings
Age: 10 months - 24 months
Weight: 40-60#
High will to please
No experience necessary
Note: Bully's must be willing to accept attitude change

BENEFITS INCLUDE (but not limited to):
Fabulous Air Conditioned Furnished Estate Home with marble floors and a marble shower.
Excellent Premium Food served in clean stainless bowls twice daily by your personal chef.
Daily Housecleaning provided by your personal cleaning staff
Weekly Spa treatments (inclusive of Manicures and Pedicures performed by your personal beautician)
Custom Uniforms and Equipment, monogrammed of course
Chauffeur driven custom vehicle built for your safety and comfort to travel everywhere you desire to go
Fully Paid Medical / Dental care by your personal IN HOUSE Doctor at your beckon call, 24 / 7
Great FULL LIFE retirement package complete with death benefits and burial services (full perpetual care cemetery)

If this sounds like your kind of life, simply have one of your humans send pictures / video along with resume (along with costs) to LEP at K9RESOURCES dot COM. If you are a finalist, we will arrange for a consultation with your human and possible visit.
No phone calls please