BLK Female: Started puppy. FC CFC MH sire. “3peat” field trial breeding yellow f

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BLK Female: Started puppy. FC CFC MH sire. “3peat” field trial breeding yellow f

  Danielle R. Pellicci

  PO Box 86
          Hemingway, South Carolina - United States



"Started" puppy - hunt test, hunting, field trial potential with further training. obedience (place board training for steadiness and early handling, here, heel, down, and sit). Great work attitude, high drive, affectionate and sweet. LOVES the water. Intro to guns, birds, very well socialized with dogs and people. Crate trained.

GREAT field trial pedigree... "3-Peat" breeding of wonderful success...
1st Litters: 1 on US derby list and QAA, 1 with derby placements and QAA, 1 QAA, one with SH title and MH passes, 1 with Open 2nd and 4th as well as derby placements.

Unfortunately, Butter suffers from motion sickness... there is a very good chance she will grow out of this, and it may be manageable with motion sickness medications. With the time invested, she can gradually get used to being transported but in our current training program we travel almost every day. Her motion sickness has lead us to decide she will be better suited in an environment where she can be the center of attention for a lucky owner/handler.

Butter is a beautiful girl - nice bone structure and is tall but very muscular for such a young puppy. She has a beautiful head shape and a slightly masculine look. Butter is yellow factored.

Includes training until Jan 5th 2012.