Gorgeous light YLM seeking hunting/companion home

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Gorgeous light YLM seeking hunting/companion home

  Andrea Wolfe

  NE-United States




8 month old, neutered YLM with outstanding hunting and trial pedigree filled with titles and talent --- seeking hunting and companion home.

House broken, outstanding around children, well mannered, accustomed to gun fire, very birdy, loves to swim.

This is a very special youngster seeking a special home. Please listen to the story and see if he will share his joy for living with you. He was injured this summer and surgery was completed. He has healed wonderfully, and runs with the best of them, including with the four wheeler. However, out of habit, he still wants to hold up a hind leg when standing. Vet says he is just fine and will have a healthy life of hunting and normal companionship, however may not be suitable for the rigorous training involved to be a serious field trial competitor. He sits square, runs, retrieves, swims, jumps, and has plenty to offer.

If you are seeking an exceptionally handsome light yellow male with a loving, outgoing personality, please e-mail for photos. Only asking for a great home and compensation for the vet bill.

Thank you----