BLF (4 Y/O) Trained Lab - Great hunting dog

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BLF (4 Y/O) Trained Lab - Great hunting dog

  Jerry Gisclair

  FL-United States



Four year old female lab needs a good hunting home. Two years of professional (primarily Dave Wolcott) and amateur training.

9/4/2007 yelp date
Sire: FC/AFC High Tech CEO (NAFC FC AFC Ebonstar Lean Mac x FC NAFC Hattie McBunn)
Dam: Wild Island's Ebony Princess (FC/AFC Chena River Chavez x Magic's Black Could CD JH)

Hannah is a well mannered, trained hunting dog with a high energy level. Does well around kids, other dogs, and travels well. Fast, big open area retreiver, would make a great goose dog. Gun broker, great swimmer, high desire to retreive. Kennel kept, crate trained etc., but needs a home with open terrain.

Downside: Hips not cleared by OFA, returned with Mild Hip Dysplaysia and Grade II Elbow Dysplaysia. Also is an EIC carrier. In short, she should not be bred. However, she is healthy, runs like a greyhound, and has no signs of effects from dysplaysia. The doctor indicated from Xray appearances her hips are fine and no indications of jagged hip bones or the deabilitating hips, for whatever that is worth. She could have a normal healthly life that spans 10-15 years (have one approaching 15 years right now) or she could have some symptoms that impact her prematurely. At age 4 she's showing no signs of slowing down. Is a lean, mean running machine.

She's a well trained hunting dog that was trained at Field trial level, competed in numerous derby's, making it to the final round in several and jamming in two at very competitive events. She has hunted both on land and boat at least 40 days. She's rusty right now, but handles well when tuned up and has no trouble with a long bird.

We'll consider any reasonable offer to a good hunting home. Our minimum requirement is a hunting home that preferrably has open space.

Will gladly send photos, copy of pedigree, and health documents on request.