3 year old male yellow lab

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3 year old male yellow lab

  Keith Pittman

  1814 Fishpond Rd
          Greenville, North Carolina - United States

  (252) 347-3696



Jace is a 3 yr old AKC Yellow Labrador Retriever from field trial lines and has been professionally trained. He does long marks on land and water and is an excellent marker. He has been electronic collar conditioned, obedience and force fetched. He does doubles and triples on land and water and 100 yard blind retrieves. He does swim bys and is steady and quiet in the blind. Jace is ready to run Senior level hunt tests and has been duck hunted over the last two years. He is very quiet and laid back in the kennel or house and is a good family dog. Jase is very easy to handle and thrives to please