Finished Female GSP in WI

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Finished Female GSP in WI

  Country-Side Breeders

  W3211 Seward Heights
          Peshtigo, Wisconsin - United States



This finished female comes from Serakraut Champions on the sire side and Von Greif/Rawhide and Hustleberg lines on the dam's side. She is 4.5 years old, spayed, a family raised house dog that has an incredible drive and she will go way beyond your limits in terms of stamina in the field. She truly has a split personality when she is at home versus in the field. If she sees a gun out she is at the door and ready to go. She truly loves to hunt.

From a skills/ability standpoint she was trained using en ecollar and is steady to wing and shot. She knows the following commands and these are used both in the house and in the field: whoa, heel, here, fetch, give, long whistle = here, two short whistles = turn. In the house kennel and place (go to your bed and stay) are also used. Her release word is ok and she will stay on whoa - even over a bowl of food - for quite a long time. She fully understands the ecollar and generally just needs it on - or maybe a quick reminder tap - and she is a very obedient dog.

In terms of her range, she works best at a medium range. Two whistles keep her within the distance and area that you want her to hunt, based upon the terrain. She adapts quickly to both pen-raised and wild birds.

In terms of retrieving, she has a soft mouth and will return the birds to hand. She really doesn't need any encouragement to go retrieve the bird and is quite adept at finding lost birds when she fails to track the fall - usually due to poor shooting. She is a natural swimmer (she LOVES water) Although never given the chance to compete, I am confident that she could compete well if given the opportunity.

She is an average sized female, standing approximately 24" at the withers and 60# with dark roan coloring, a solid liver head and bright tail that stands high on point.

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