Dogo Argentino

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Dogo Argentino

  alex howe

  MA-United States


The dogo argentino is a unique dog that that is strong powerful and very interesting. "The Dogo was primarily intended to be used as a hunting dog, guardian and all around family dog. As a family dog, Dr. Nores Martinez intended the dog to be loyal and docile." (from the above site, which isn't mine by the way) This dog was created for hunting, "The Dogo’s specialty was the hunting of wild boar and large cats of America such as mountain lions and jaguars; also the Dogo can be used in many other hunting tasks such as birds and other small animals. For such a game the Nores Martinez brothers saw the need to develop a hunting dog with exceptionally sharp senses, which was very fast, very courageous, phenomenally powerful, and completely enthusiastic about the hunt. " this breed was made by, "This dog was the product of the cross breeding among Mastiffs, Bulldogs and Bull Terriers bought to America by the colonists (and is now extinct). To this they added Boxer, English Pointer, Bull Terrier, Old English Bulldog, Mastiff, Dogue De Bordeaux, Harlequin Great Dane, Pyrenean Mastiff and Irish Wolfhound."

I do not have one of these for sale right now. But if you are interested one of these dogs, then contact me and i might be able to get one.

Here is your chance at owning a very unique dog!