Finished Honky Tonk Attitude Bloodline Male

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Finished Honky Tonk Attitude Bloodline Male

  Daniel Williams

  21114 H wy
          Clarksburg, Missouri - United States



I have for sale one finished Honky Tonk Attitude bloodline male dog. "Tank" turned a year old on August 15, 2010. Tank has been trained the exact opposite of most finished dogs. I started him on wild quail when he was just 5 months old. He pointed wild quail, found, pointed, and retrieved wild quail from that age, and backed my adult dogs all done naturally. Tank will be a definate brag dog to whom ever buys him. Once the regular wild quail season was over here in Missouri, I continued to work him on pen raised birds which he handles with ease. Tank is as solid as any dead broke dog I have ever seen when on point. It makes no difference how jittery the birds are, he won't flinch. When wild quail run a distance away, he quickly relocates and holds point (at a further distance). Now that Tank is a year old, he has really come into his own on how he runs and carrys himself in the field. I can hold him back with the e collar as close as I want or let him go and he will cover a 200 yrd fence row in the blink of an eye. Tank has had dozens of quail shot over him. I continue to work with Tank on woah breaking but personally have used this comand little in the field. All of Tanks hunting and pointing skills are all natural, which was great for me considering I am a hunter, not a trainer. By far, Tank has already surpassed most dead broke dogs I have had and will make someone a fantastic hunting dog.

feel free to email me for questions or photos.

price: $1200