(VA) (GRHRCH Jolt x HRCH Aimee) 2 1/2 y/o YLM

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(VA) (GRHRCH Jolt x HRCH Aimee) 2 1/2 y/o YLM

  Michael Dunn

  NC-United States


(GRHRCH Jolt x HRCH Aimee) 2 1/2 y/o YLM with excellent pedigree looking for a good hunting home. Shooter has been with a pro trainer the majority of the time and is currently working at a Senior/Seasoned level and has 1 seasoned pass and 1 senior pass. He has a good disposition and loves to be around people but has not progressed through the Hunt Test Program to the desired level and performs better in a less intense training environment compared to the daily rigors of hunt test training. With three 7+ y/o labs at home, a 5 y/o and 2 other young up and coming pups in training, we have had to make a tough decision and decided to find Shooter a good home where he can enjoy a life of family leisure and hunting. Given adequate time and training, he could complete his Seasoned and Senior title and more than likely make it to a finished level if desired but at this time our recommendation is that his best fit would be in a good family hunting home. If interested, we would like to discuss and answer any questions you may have and encourage a conversation with the pro trainer to help provide any history or information needed regarding his training. We also encourage spending time with our pro trainer if possible to help with the transition and/or to see Shooter work. See attachment for litter information on Jolt and Aimee. CNM and EIC clear; eyes normal.

Please contact owners Robin or Lori Bush at 804-837-4614 or e-mail crz4labs @yahoo.com for more information.