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  John Hart

  Douglas County Rd
          Parker, Colorado - United States



Never before has the opportunity come available from Outlaw Gundogs (see google) to have choices of several dogs available- For the twenty plus years that our program and genetics have been around we've always had a waiting list for puppies and started to finished dogs- We always had 2-3 carefully planned litters a year that are spoken for well in advance and folks, guides, hunt clubs contact us to have started to finished dogs ready for them- In fact although we have produced award litters, MH's, UT's, VC's, FC's, AFC's,Tournament hunting champions, guide dogs, and shoe leather family companion bird dogs for the masses and have been in the press more than our fare share-other than our website we have never really advertised...didn't need to as we have always found that word of mouth travels fast...and has served us well for a couple decades.--Well this last year a few things happened for the first time-- Hard times hit the US and folks lost their jobs and businesses, got divorced,went broke, lost their homes you name it...normally many people that have gotten dogs from us over the years might have a 12 yr old from us and an 8 yr old and maybe a 4 yr old and they are again back onto the waiting list for pups to work with their old dogs...well this year it changed we took dogs back from folks that lost their jobs and homes and couldn't care for them any longer and instead of leasing dogs out to hunt clubs to guide with like we usually do...some sat around because the clubs didn't have the same volume of hunters as usual, people that's lives got sideways on our puppy waiting list couldn't take puppies, and so we bred fewer litters and kept a few pups to monitor our program as usual and ended up with a good selection of young dogs as well- We now have a pretty good "overstock" if you will of dogs at assorted levels of training and ages, from full blown MH UT dogs to guide dogs to family companion hunting dogs, to young started dogs, most housebroke, various levels of training and some of them what many folks would consider true bragging rights stuff. WE ARE FAR MORE INTERESTED in placing these dogs in good loving environments where they will be appreciated than in selling them on some lame kennel reduction premise that you see here all the time just to generate revenue....what that means to the right folks is this....we need to place these quality dogs with quality folks that are a good match for them and will do so with the right people only- cheap. NO we are not giving away dogs free-many of these would have regularly been $3500-$7500 dogs in a good economy and our puppies are still $1000-they will be VERY reasonable to the right folks, NO we won't sell them to brokers or other breeders to profit from 20 years of our hard work and name, NO we aren't going anywhere , we've been around this hobby for 20 years and we'll be around another 20 if I don't drop dead first. YES you need to be a good ethical owner that deserves a nice dog in return. SO...give us a call or email and tell us about you and your family....what you are seeking...what level dog you're interested in....why you deserve a great dog....the budget you have to work with and if we think there is a match you might just get the deal of a lifetime. Don't waste our time if you are not serious or if you are wanting to try and scam a premier dog...we'll's not our first rodeo, this is a one time deal unless the economy finally kills us all and then it won't matter anyway. REAL folks only...John 303-434-5711...Leave a message...I'm away from phone alot but I will call you back.