Started Yellow British Labrador (female)

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Started Yellow British Labrador (female)

  Ronald Sanbower

  701 East Main Street
          Thurmont, Maryland - United States



She is a 16 month old british named mila. She has been force fetched and started on her 3 handed casting work. She marks well out to about 100 yards. She needs to be taught to sit on a whistle before her casting can become effective. I have spent 3600 in training alone and am not a trainer and did not realize the cost of getting a puppy to the finished stages of a gun dog untill after spending what I did. I have had to take a pay cut over the last 4 months and can not afford to put another dime into her and hate for her not to get to her full potential. She is still in tact and has tremendous pedigrees. She is wounderful in the house and good with small children. I would love to keep her but the new hours I have taken on and the pay cut I had to take due to the poor economy I dont have the money to get her finished nor take her hunting like she should br hunted. P.S. She is a natural upland dog, we dont have much upland but she is good at it. Once you see her I believe you will fall in love with her. If you would like info on the trainer he would gladly speak to any one about her.