Started Yellow female

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Started Yellow female

  Dustin Kalp

  7498 N. Hillside
          Valley Center, Kansas - United States



7 month old yellow female out of pointing bloodlines. Both parents point and guide wild pheasant hunts here in Kansas. She has flash pointed birds, but nothing real solid yet. Has had about 30 birds killed over her and countless waterfowl scenerio shots/birds. She's been wild upland hunting and found/ retrieved a couple of her own birds. Retrieves well in land or water, most time to hand. Basic leash obedience.She's still a puppy and I've allowed her to be one. She's ready to start formal training now or just allow her to be a very natural hunting dog. Would go in any direction. I wouldn't hesitate to take her out tomorrow and hunt her. Wouldn't expect too much since she's so young, but she'd do you some good none the less. Can send pics if interested. Will start formal obedience and force fetch in the next couple of weeks and price will go up.