Honky Tonk Attitude Female

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Honky Tonk Attitude Female

  Daniel Williams

  21114 H wy
          Clarksburg, Missouri - United States




If you are looking for a turn key female who is a proven producer, look no further. Heidi is a 4 year old daughter of 2x NC / 6x CH Shadow's Attitude and grandaughter of (HOF) Joe Shadow and 9x NC Honky Tonk Attitude. Heidi is as honest of a bird dog as a man can ask for. She is whistle trained, collar conditioned, whoa broke, backs and retrieves naturally, not to mention her nose. While hunting wild quail on my farm in central Missouri, I have seen Heidi lock up from well over 30 yards away. Heidi has produced two litters of pups thus far. The first had 10 males, the second had 4 males and 5 females. The genetics are there for any serious breeder to make his or her money back on the first litter if bred to the right dog. In a normal economy this dog would not leave my side for less than $5000 but things being as they are, $2500 is the price. Feel free to give me a call or email if there are any other questions I can answer for you.