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Shed Antler Dog For Sale

  Carla Long

  5924 State Hwy DD
          Denver, Missouri - United States



For Sale one Yellow Male Labrador Retriever "Buck" one Black Labrador Retriever Male "Jet". Ready for the 2009-2010 Shed Antler Hunting Season.

This program begins with the birth and progresses forward. I choose only the best of Gun Dog Kennels for my pups I work with a few select people that raise the caliber of animlas I am looking for.

Genetics of Champion Field Trial Animals showing the proper Drive skills needed for the task ahead here at our Farm. We also make sure that there is a long history of health clearances OFA and Eyes. Quality animals with the desire and genetics to prove themselves for the Hunting of the Shed Antler!

We start training with the proper socialization skills from birth up. I bring the pups here at around the age of 9 weeks. The are immediately started on the antler.

The two males are doing blind retrieves the nose is truely awesome we are looking for this in all of Shed Antler Dogs the key is the scent conditioning the finding of the shed antlers is the job they are taught and the dogs love it!

Obedience is a key part in any dogs life basic obedience is also taught here.

We live on 40 beautiful acres and train on the outside world it is truley amazing how they use their nose to find the antlers in heavy cover, fields and wooded areas. Ready to go out and do the natural hunt when they leave here.

All vet work is done to the age of the dog here. The best of the best with nice small kennel only doing 3 or 4 dogs at a time. So the animals are worked 6 to 7 days a week. Quality time.

The dogs are beautiful and being young anough to still bond with you and your family. Have sent these pups all over the United States. Come watch these dogs work you will fall in love with them and the Shed Antler Hunting Season will never be the same.

Pictures can be sent with References. We love to have you come work with your dog while it is here if you can't do this we forward emails and pictures.

Pedigree on these two pups Patriots Top Dollar MH QAA Dollar is a Awesome dog with a long history of titled animals in pedigree Fc AFC Hilltops Hayseed Bubba is Grandsire.

Dam Patriots not a Penny Moe is a titled dog. Grandsire is Espirts out of the woods QAA Tiger.

Give me a call and one of these Amazing Dogs can be yours!
God Bless,
Carla Long