California dead broke GSP male

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California dead broke GSP male

  Ivaylo Gotzev

  CA-United States



Gus is about the ultimate meat dog. This dude has a cannon for a nose and is a bird finding machine. At 5 years old, he has the experience and training to lead any string. He is shown here on Valley Quail in California. Gus has been hunted on pheasants, valley quail (California quail), bobwhites, chukar and mountain quail. He is currently at our facility in CA. We have transporters that can bring him anywhere in the country.

Gus is broke, broke, broke. He’ll back another dog from as far as he can see them, he retrieves to hand (force broke) and handles like an absolute dream. Just whistle, holler or whatever and he’ll turn on a dime, no e-collar needed however he is collar conditioned and turns on the either the tone or knick of the collar also. Gus loads to the truck/box on command and is a real easy keeper. If he was 2, he’d be a $5500 dog.

He’s in his prime now though and can be bought for $2800. I always find that to be a funny thing about the dog market. Half as much dog for twice as much money at 2 years old where as a dog that has been pro trained for 5 years and still has 5 or 6 of his best seasons ahead of him only brings $2800. That’s definitely the way to buy a dog. Most people could never make a dog as good as a pro can after 5 years. They don’t get any better than that.

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