Llewellin setter Male, Great Grouse Dog Potential

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Llewellin setter Male, Great Grouse Dog Potential

  Don Freeman

  1425 Bear Creek Rd.
          Leicester, North Carolina - United States



Just back from a 8 day grouse hunt in UP Michigan. Welped 3/26/08. Tri- colored, about 45 lbs., Stylist on point, great around dogs and kids. This young male has super super potential of being one of the nicest grouse dogs around. He is a close worker 25- to 50 yds, he will wind one side of the road work back and then hit the other side of the road. HARD HARD quick ground coverage. If he winds something regardless of the thickness of the area he will bust thru it to check it out. Has a super nose, has great style on point. Handles great! This pup can go all day every day. I ran him 8 miles one day and he still had plenty of hunt in him. He has an excellent Llewellin bloodline. Here is were he is in his work on grouse, if he scent hits the bird its pointed. He needs working on his ground scent work. The weather while I was their was rain, rain, and more rain. The birds where in the high timber and out under the open timber feeding, scent was terrible. But I still killed birds with this pup. Reason for selling, I have three other dogs, and one is the same age but a gsp male and I am going to keep him. If you are interested lets talk. This is not a throw away pup but a futher grouse dog. He has a great disposition and is willing to please but is not a whimp. He can handle correction but keep on hunting. He is yard heel broke, whoa, kennel, load broke. He will stand a bird walking in the field all day, but not steady to shot or flush. I have photos of him on point while in UP that I will be glad to sent to you if interested. If you are ready to go hunting this pup is tuff and ready to go. Give me a call 828-683-9550