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  Rick Fitzpatrick

  9991 County Line Rd
          Peyton, Colorado - United States



We are helping a fellow find a new home for Ozzie. Ozzie is a 17 month old, intact solid liver German Shorthaired Pointer. This is what the owner has told us about him: "Ozzie participated in 15 hunts last year and placed well in a NAVHDA hunt test"

I have been working wih Ozzie for the past 6 weeks or so, he has advanced rapidly in his training and is turning out to be a really talented field dog. I, myself would not hesitate to hunt over this dog this season!

Ozzie is verbal, whistle and hand signal trained to Whoa, Quarter and Come, he retrieves and holds to flush. He is full of life and energy, he enjoys people, other dogs & lives to please his owner. Like any sporting dog he has tons of energy! Ozzie needs to find a great home that will be willing to give him the time to allow him to be very active: (hunting, running, biking etc). Ozzie must go to a home with yard, he is not an aprtment dweller.

I will continue to work with Ozzie on his obedience and his hunting skills, as he progresses of course the price will go up. Ozzie is a real bargain for somebody that wants a solid hunting comanion. If you would like to see Ozzie work, give us a call. Another 4 weeks of training the price will go up!

$1,000 Firm