Choclate Male

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Choclate Male

  Garrett Roberts

  9564 Argyle St.
          Ailsa Craig, Ontario - Canada

  519 232 9074


Oak is 4 years old, 65 - 70 lb. tall male. He has a super friendly personality and loves affection. Oak is all business in the field and has the drive to really hunt up the crippled birds. He is a good marker and has a great sense of smell. He does blinds and handles really well. He does triple duck retrieves and quarters for upland birds. He is completely collar conditioned and force trained to deliver to hand. Oak handles his birds well and is an aggressive water dog. Hunted over the last 2 seasons and retreived over 1200 ducks and geese a season. If you're looking for a big buddy that loves to hunt, Oak is the dog for you.