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Broke Gundogs

  Justin Daniel

  5800 Mesquite Springs Trail
          Amarillo, Texas - United States



I have up for sale at this time 2 Boke English Pointer males.
Tech is a large black and white male. He was whelped 05/30/2004. He is out of Elhew Mcdougal X Pinehill Fiddlin Rail. He is a straight up hard core wild bird dog. He has been run in a professional gude string of dogs his entire life. He has some run, but is very managable in the field. This is a brag dog, period. He is tough as nails and will work all day every day during the season. Has been used while filming TV shows out of our lodge. This dog will get it done with style. 3000.00

John is a large orange and white English Pointer that was whelped 01/18/2004. John is an excellent medium range dog that handles extremely well. He is a great dog on wild birds, and is run almost daily during the season in my guide string. Unlike most Pointers, he is extremely personable. John is nice on his birds and just a pleasure to hunt behind. 1500.00
Rex is a 7 month old Drathar male that is short coated. Rex is unusuall in the fact that he is almost solid white with liver markings. Rex is just getting started in his yard work and is proving to be a very easily trained dog. The ease at which this dog is trained is an insight to his breeding. His Dam is out of Briar Ridge Kennels in S.C that is known for raising some of the premier Drathaars in the country. Although his coat and furnishings are short, don't miss the chance at a fine example of this breed. Rex will be a large dog when fully mature.
Rex is available for 1000.00 at this time and the price will go up with training. All prices are negotiable and trades for equipment or other dogs will be considered. The two Pointers would never be for sale other than the fact that I am not running Pointers next season, I am switching my kennel over the GSP's and Wirehairs. Ican best be reached at Pics and Pedigree info available upon request.