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UK Field Bred ESS Started Bitch

  Stephen Reynolds

  18319 Southwood Drive
          Meadville, Pennsylvania - United States



Nip is our kennel’s latest acquisition. She did not pass her CERF exam and was subsequently spayed. She is a very stylish gundog whose 27lb. size belies her hunting drive and pace. She most definitely takes after her sire UK FTCH Nant-Y-Bwla Ricky. She is always mindful of where you are while she is plowing through the nastiest of briars at break neck speeds all the while keeping her nose down. She has a nice mouth and she is an excellent marker. She is accomplished at multiple blinds and memory retrieves and she is steady to verbal and whistle commands. Nip has been house broken and she loves children. When we have litters on the ground Nip loves to nursemaid the pups and I have seen her take some serious punishment from the older pups as she just rolls with the punches.

Nip is registered with AKC and while she is not eligible to compete in field trials she is able to compete in agility, obedience and earth dog trials as well as herding and hunt tests and junior showmanship, lure coursing, rally and tracking. She loves water and is a natural retriever and no e-collar has ever been put on her. She is first rate gundog material that needs to find a shooting home… please don’t contact me about her unless you have plans to continue her training and hunting, she is not a dog to just purchase and give to your kid as a companion. DO NOT be fooled by her smaller size, she can and will tear up the cover in her quest to make game.

Email or call with any questions should you be interested in Nip.